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Custom Mouth Guards: The Process and Benefits

Mouth guards are essential in protecting one's teeth and jaw during sports, snoring, and teeth grinding. While there are ready-made and affordable mouth guards available in sports stores, they don't provide the best care and protection for your teeth. Customized mouth guards, on the other hand, are the perfect solution. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of custom mouth guards, their creation process, and why dental labs play an important role in making them.

1.Why Choose Custom Mouth Guards?
Custom mouth guards offer more protection and flexibility to their users than store-bought ones. They are personalized according to the individual's teeth size, shape, and bite. As a result, they give better fit, comfort, and temperature control. Custom mouth guards are also beneficial to people who suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding. They can prevent damage to the teeth, gum, and jawbone. Custom mouth guards can also help people who suffer from snoring by opening their airways during sleep, thereby reducing stress on the respiratory system.

2.The Process of Creating a Custom Mouth Guard
The procedure for crafting a custom mouth guard is not complicated. A dentist or orthodontist takes an impression of the teeth using a specialized dental putty. The dental putty is placed into an impression tray, and the tray is then placed in the mouth. The impression is then allowed to set in the tray and is later used to create a plaster model of the teeth. The model is then sent to a dental lab that creates the mouth guard from scratch. The process involves a series of steps that include trimming, vacuum forming, and color matching, among others. The final product is a unique and fitted mouth guard that is comfortable and protective.

3.The Role of Dental Labs in Custom Mouth Guards
Dental labs play a critical role in creating custom mouth guards. They are equipped with advanced dental tools and equipment, which they use to design and manufacture mouth guards according to a dentist's specifications. Once they have received an impression of the teeth, they use the plaster model to craft the mouth guard. They make use of specialized materials to ensure the mouth guards are durable and resistant to wear and tear. At Sunrise Dental Lab, we use the latest dental technology, CAD/CAM, to design and create mouth guards for the best possible fit and protection.

4.Custom Mouth Guards for Different Needs
Custom mouth guards are designed for different needs. For instance, sportspersons need custom mouth guards that fit snugly and provide ample protection during high-impact sports such as football, basketball, boxing and hockey. Mouth guards for teeth grinders have a hard exterior that can hold up against the force that comes with grinding. Finally, sleep apnea mouth guards are often less bulky and work by pulling the jaw or tongue forward preventing them from blocking the airways. Customization means that they can address each person's needs uniquely.

5.Comparing Costs: Custom vs. Store-Bought Mouth Guards
Custom mouth guards can be more expensive than store-bought mouth guards, but it's worth the cost. Off-the-shelf alternatives do not provide the same level of protection and comfort, which can lead to discomfort and injury. A custom mouth guard is a one-time investment created with the user’s specific needs in mind. And with proper care and cleaning, they can last for several years. Prioritizing your oral health is worth the investment.

Custom mouth guards are a necessary investment for anyone looking to protect their teeth and jaw. The creation process, which involves personalized measurements and advanced dental technology, ensures that the mouth guards provide the best possible fit and protection. If you're looking for a dental lab that can create customized mouth guards, look no further than Sunrise Dental Lab. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized mouth guard that is both comfortable and protective. Contact us today through our telephone number at +86 13528731573 or email [email protected] to get started on crafting your perfect mouthguard.

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